4 tips to prolong your smartphone battery

Smartphone battery is one of the most vulnerable features in a smartphone. Therefore, many user really concerns about keeping their battery life as long as possible…


1. Keep it cool

Whatever kind of battery your smartphone have, Lithium, ion, removable, non-removable, your smartphone battery will not benefit from the heat. At all. If the battery is kept hot, it will be damaging itself and reduce its longevity. So if you want to keep it long enough, do what everyone is recommending, which is to keep it in a cool condition. Some specific examples are: avoid charging when inside a hot car, using while charging , or charging right after a long time of usage.

2. Be cautious with the charger and power bank you use

Power bank is a very convenient gadget any user fells in love with. It’s handy, light and can be the immediate live-saver when you are out and running out of battery. However, be very cautious with the brand you choose. There are hundreds, if not thousands of power bank options to choose from in our market. And if you use a non-reliable brand, it will do serious harm to your smartphone battery. The worst case every witnessed is as serious as… explosion.


3. Minimize fast charging

Fast charging is such a fancy feature that more and more smartphones are coming up with. However, it has been detected to do some harm to some Lithium-Ion battery. The reason is that Fast charging doesn’t produce waste heat but forces the battery to charge in a way that drain out its longevity. Therefore, in the long run, your battery doesn’t live long if Fast Charge is used frequently by users.

4. Keep your phone from getting water damage

Not many smartphones nowadays still keep removable battery. Therefore, it would be very harmful for your battery when the phone gets water-damaged because you just can not take out the battery and have it dried. But even if the battery is removable and can be excessively dried, it is still contribute to ruin your power cell. One of the best ways to keep it working as long as possible is to keep your phone as far away from water as possible.


[Source:- Pricepony]