6 Jobs That You Could Do From Home

Not everyone is comfortable with a 9-5, office-based job. Some of us prefer to wake up without an irritating alarm, sip that morning coffee from bed, and schedule our own working hours to meet certain deadlines. Remote jobs aren’t always easy to come by, but there are certain career paths that do lend themselves to a home-based working life. Pick one of these seven jobs if you’re dreaming of a job that won’t ever force you into a stuffy,dull office again.

  1. Building websites:There are very few jobs as flexible and potentially well paid as web development. Working as a web developerrequires plenty of training, experience and an in-depth understanding of computers, programming, and coding, but the rewards can be well-worth the hard work involved in the education process. Whether working with a specific company like http://www.nothingbutweb.com.au/or in a freelance capacity taking on various clients, web developers can often access flexible working hours and a remote position that allows them to take on the project from their computer at home.
  2. Freelance writing: For those that have a passion for the written word, freelance writing is the perfect work-from-home role. You can pitch articles to magazines and newspapers, write web content or blog, or work as an advertising copywriter, all without ever stepping out of your front door. It takes time to build up an established set of clients and the money can be slow at first, but many writers have built steady careers from home.
  3. Graphic design: Once you’ve studied the detailed art of graphic design and have a firm grasp of how it’s done, there’s no reason that you can’t take on freelance clients and do your work from home. Graphic designers often pitch to clients, receive briefs for particular assignments, and then work on designs from their laptop or desktop at home. While the freelance life may not offer the same stability as a permanent position, it certainly has its own unique perks.
  4. Online teaching: Teachers are no longer limited to the in-person classro There are plenty of websites online today that give qualified teachers or tutors the opportunity to work with students online, whether through filmed lectures and tutorials or though Skype. This can be especially lucrative if you’re able to teach English as a foreign language, as can access a huge market of international students hoping to learn the language.
  5. Remote customer service representative: Not all businesses keep their customer service reps in-house. Many of them hire remote workers to man their phone lines, answering enquiries and engaging with customers for the business from their own location. As long as you have strong social skills, experience with customer service, and a quiet working space, you could take calls from the peace of your own bedroom.
  6. Translation work: If you’re lucky enough to have studied foreign languages or have been raised in a multi-lingual household, you’re certainly well qualified to become a translator. Translators can work from anywhere in the world, and cater to a wide variety of clients and businesses. If you know any particularly exotic or uncommon languages then you can offer your translation services at a pretty hefty price, and all without ever having to sit through a tedious commute.