Android N to have pressure sensitive display support

Google is working on adding pressure sensitive touchscreen support in Android N. According to The Verge, who reached out to Google, the company confirmed that this will be baked into the OS due to demand from OEMs who want to implement the feature in their devices. Having an OS-level support means the manufacturers won’t have to do it on their own (as Huawei does right now) and it will also have better support from third party developers.


The latest developer preview of Android N has a hint of this ability in the new “setDynamicShortcuts(List)” feature. With this, shortcuts on your homescreen will show additional functionality when you press on the display, similar to the iPhone 6s. It’s not specific to pressure sensitive displays, however, so it could be invoked by other methods, such as a swipe down, on devices that don’t have a pressure sensitive display.

[Source:- GSMarena]