The best business broadband deals from BT and more in October 2016

One cannot imagine any business, in this day and age, regardless of the size and line of business, being totally offline. Chances are your local fish and chips shop has decent broadband, allowing it to provide wireless internet to its customers.

For business broadband services though, price is not the only thing to consider. Reliability, speed and support are as important, if not more than just price.

Speaking of which, it is worth shopping around and bearing in mind that, like for the consumer market, there might be some hidden costs.

Feature sets may change over time, all prices tend to be VAT exclusive, speeds will vary, fibre broadband is not available in all post codes and the cost of line rental is often left out (although that is changing).

When applying for new broadband deals, make sure you’re not already signed up to a contract you can’t get out of – most business broadband contracts are 24-month terms.

We opted for fibre broadband rather than full copper lines because, frankly, the cost between the two is minimal given the performance difference. Now let’s get to the best business broadband deals in no particular order.

The best business Broadband deals in October 2016

This is where we show you the very best broadband deals we’ve found this month – sorted by type of service as well as our overall favourite deal. Underneath you’ll find the broadband deals for each of the main providers in the country.

best broadband talktalk

TalkTalk Superpowered Fibre Complete | Unlimited | Fibre | 76Mbps | 24-month contract | £16.95 line rental | £15 monthly for 12 months, £30 afterwards

TalkTalk’s top of the range package doesn’t break the bank and yet provide with some great features like Talk2Go, a nifty Wi-Fi VoIP App that allows you to receive our landline calls on your mobile even when you’re abroad. It has up to four static IPs, gives you unlimited UK landline and mobile calls and they won’t charge you for changing business premises (up to two moves every 12-month). It even comes with a package called WorkSafe that provides network-level security solution.

best broadband deals

XLS Max | Unlimited | Fibre | 76Mbps | 24-month contract | £16.95 line rental | £21.50 monthly for 6 months, £33.50 afterwards

XLNTelecom may not be a household name but the company, which bills itself as the leading telecoms company serving small business community, focuses on customer service and uses TalkTalk’s next generation network. XLN 80 Max offers unlimited landline and mobile calls, multiple email addresses, free online security and free installation. The company claims to have more than a quarter million customers around the country with a whopping 3,500 baristas in its books.

best broadband deals

broadband deals virgin

Virgin Media Business Ultrafast Business Broadband| Unlimited | Fibre | 300Mbps | 24-month contract | £0 line rental | £80 monthly

Unlike most of the competition, Virgin Media Business has a fixed price, no catch or no gimmicks (although you will have to pay for installation). Plus, you get the fastest speeds in the market in 100Mbps increments. So choose between 100Mbps (£40 per month), 200Mbps (£50 per month) or for the power hungry downloaders, the 300Mbps one (£80 per month). Note that there is no line rental fee, you get a free IP address and support is 24/7/365. Virgin Media also owns 100% of its network and doesn’t share it unlike some of its competitors.


[Source:- Techrader]