The Best Collaboration Tools For Groups

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Nowadays working remotely becoming more and more common among working professionals and interest clubs. As startups,small enterprises, and various organizations embrace the benefits of a virtual staff or an online network of members, the need for efficient collaboration tools have become an essential part of team collaboration.

There’s a ton of user-friendly collaboration tools out there to get your remote team or small group of like-minded people—a gaming group for example—to stay on top of things. But it’s smart to stick to a few good ones that you’ll actually use.

Here we look at four online applications that allow groups to take part in a collaborative environment and stay productive wherever they are in the world.


Want to improve communication in your group? BAND is a mobile community app that does more than messaging. It’s not only made for work teams but also for groups of similar interests like gamers, fandoms, campus groups, hobbyists and clubs. The app allows you to create a group space to stay up to date and organized.

Its core features include chat, a community board, a calendar, and photo albums. The board is where the main discussions happen. It’s where postings and comments are started. You can also create polls, share files like images and videos, and create multiple aliases for the different groups you currently belong in. The app is currently available on iOS, Android, and Desktop.

Google Drive

Having a difficult time sharing documents? Think of Google Drive as Microsoft Office suite on cloud. Using it, you can create, share, and edit documents including word processor files, spreadsheets, presentation slides, folders, and more. Google Drives makes sharing and collaboration easy with its various customization options. You can tweak your sharing settings to view only or allow certain members to have editing access. Since Google Drive is a cloud-based service, anyone in agroup can access shared files anytime, suggest edits, and see changes in real-time.


Dropbox is probably one of the best file sharing and storage services out there. Teams use it to store files, images, videos, and music. While it’s quite similar to Google Drive in terms of storage, most people prefer it for storing large files.


Trello has to be one of the best project management tools out there. It’s a powerful application that allows users to create customizable to-do lists based on ‘cards’ that are like post-it notes to help you categorize and assign work, attach files, drawings, mockups, and just about anything. For each card, you can also set due dates, write comments, and many more.

All of these apps are free to use. These are perfect for small groups who are looking to collaborate online easily and securely. By having an effective collaboration system in place, you are saving your team from potentially costly errors that may occur due to bad project management. These four applications shall help you create a more organized and a highly-collaborative online team.