Best Features a Parental Control App Should Have

Have you bought a new phone recently and you see that your child is always hooked on to that phone? Kids these days understand how mobile phones are operated and this may not be a good thing after all. You may have several personal folders or files on the phone which you do not want your child to know about. But, when he/she has the phone, those folders need to be protected properly. So, the best and easiest way to ensure that the phone is absolutely safe is by installing a parental control application in the phone. Sometimes, the lock app feature that you get along with the smartphone can be changed and it does not have enough security to keep the personal files protected all the time. When you search in Play Store for the best parental app to secure your phone, you must keep in mind the features that the app should have. Here are some of the notable features that a parental lock application should have:

  • Web filtering and social media apps–letting your kids access the internet may lead them to access some adult websites and adult content. When you opt for a parental control app, it should have the option to block access of those websites that can harm your phone. Children unknowing download games that have virus content on the website. The parental control application should have the ability to understand keywords like violence, sexual content and so on. Accordingly, these websites will be blocked. Some of the apps also have the option to make the parents alert whenever their children try to access such sites.
  • Securing call logs – the next feature of the parental app should be the one where there is the option to protect all the call lists. Also, the app should be able to block unwanted calls from unknown numbers. In this world of digitalization, there are numerous promotional calls and also threat calls asking for ransoms. These can be easily avoided if you have a parental control application. When you get calls from such numbers, simply block it through the app. From the next time, if you get a call from the same number, it will automatically get blocked and your phone will not ring for that call.
  • Protecting other apps – this is something that every parental app should have. These days, smartphones come with lots of inbuilt applications. Apart from these, you install other useful apps too from Play Store. Some of these apps may be personal ones and you may not want to share the details with others. The parental control app will lock these apps successfully.

Messages, Internet history and GPS location –the stuff that you surf on the internet is supposed to be totally personal. In order to keep it that way, the parental control app should be used. One of the apps that you can use is It is readily available in Play Store. Most importantly, it has the capacity to protect your GPS location, geofencing and SMS and MMS too.