Bosch Launches Intel-Powered Micro Climate Monitoring System in India

Bosch Launches Intel-Powered Micro Climate Monitoring System in India


  • Intel, Bosch develop a cost-effective air quality monitoring system
  • Device can provide intelligent data, real-time analysis of air pollution
  • It is designed to withstand rugged weather conditions

Global chipmaker Intel has tied up with German auto component major Bosch to develop a cost-effective monitoring system that will efficiently measure and manage optimal air quality, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

The Intel-based Bosch Air Quality Micro Climate Monitoring System (MCMS), can provide intelligent data and enable real-time analysis of ambient air pollution that communities can leverage for a variety of applications, ranging from adjusting traffic flow in congested areas to providing fitness recommendations based on air quality to other actions.

The compactly built device is designed to withstand rugged weather conditions, and features remote monitoring enabled by both wired and wireless interfaces (Wi-Fi and 3G).

It also includes the ability to provide over-the-air calibration to keep the sensors adjusted and generate high-quality environmental data.

MCMS features cloud-based analytics, data management and visualization software and has a serviceable, user-friendly design that is closely aligned with Environmental Protection Agency standards and features Intel Security to help protect and secure data from all devices.

In industrial and factory environments, it will help track emissions and provide safety checks for workers to meet compliance requirements.

On construction sites, managers will be able to provide early warning signals and improve efficiency while improving work conditions.