Why Your Company Needs Predictive Maintenance

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Predictive maintenance is process designed to detect problems with your mechanical systems before they happen. It can also help with the degradation of machinery. PdM programs use a wide swathe of different processes in order to identify and manage trends and future trends. It is being increasingly used as people start to learn the benefits behind it. You may have also heard of predicitve maintenance services being referred to proactive maintenance. Either way, the strategies are the same.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This couldn’t be any truer than when you talk about machinery. Here of some of the benefits of predicitive maintenance services.

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1. Productivity – When your machines are in good working order, they are never down. A machine can’t be put into use when it is under repairs. Predictive maintenance ensures that every piece of equipment in a warehouse is working correctly at all times, meaning there will be no loss. Sometimes, a piece of machinery will need unavoidable repairs and predictive services will ensure that these can be done when the shop is closed. There are no surprises preventing it from being put into use.

2. Costs – It costs less to fix something than to completely replace it, another reaons that predictive maintenance is effective. These are the kinds of costs that can be diastrous for a company, so they should do anything they can to avoid them. It also makes sure that repairs are done at the last second before things get to bad. This is the sweet spot for predictive maintenance.

3. Better Customer Service – Especially with shipping and receiving companies, predicitive maintenance will help with customer relations. Shipments go out and are received on time and production can be streamlined and improved to make it even faster.

As you can see the overall quality of any company is improved through predictive maintenance. It help reduce costs, improve productivity, and improve customer relations. I can’t thing of anything more important than these three things when it comes to the financial health of a company.

The key is to develop a good trending program as early in your business’s lifespan as possible. This may require looking at other companies in your industry or using simulation to get this information. If you don’t have a predictive maintenance services strategy, you should implement one as soon as possible.