If your computer has been slowing down lately, the most likely reason why is actually disgusting

If your computer has been slowing down lately, the most likely reason why is actually disgusting


There’s honestly nothing worse than noticing that your computer is slowing down.

Not getting locked out of your house, not accidentally leaving the oven on for the day, not realising that somebody ate your sandwich.



It’s a sad and deeply upsetting realisation to have, knowing that your beloved Mac or PC or whatever you may have is not as young as it used to be.

A modern tragedy, really.

Generally, when we think of reasons why our computers may be slowing down, we think of having too many files, or software overload, or over-usage.

We don’t usually tend to think of dead skin settling inside our machines.

After all, why would we? That’s ridiculous and disgusting.

It may be disgusting, but as it turns out, it’s actually not all that ridiculous.

… Because it’s true and may actually be the main reason behind our computers acting up.

A local news team in Florida, WFTS, went to go find out exactly why their machines were acting up and they were told by the guys at Best Buy’s Geek Squad that it was most likely due to the build up a dirt and dead skin that ends up inside the computer.

See? We told you it was gross.

Geek Squad’s Adam Silkey said that the dead tends to cause build up in the computer’s fan, stopping it from doing its job.

He said:

“A lot of dust, food and other junk builds up in your computer and especially your fans inside your computer. Those are what keeps your computer cool and keeps it speedy.”

Right so once we’ve gotten over the shock of learning that we are the cause of our own demise, what next?

Apparently, giving your computer a deep clean every six months is the solution.

Silkey said using cans of compressed airs to blow out all the dirt inside your computer and its keyboard is key to making it perform better.

Who’d have thought it?