Counter-terror prescription from Hindu priest Swami Narendranath: Drop mobile phones, pick up arms

Swami Narendranath

Yet another religious figure has come out with a controversial statement. Swami Narendranath of the Mahwacharya Ashram said that, Hindus should have arms at a time when there are attacks in Hindu temples.

“What’s the point in having mobiles worth lakhs? Every Hindu should instead own weapons. At a time when there are attacks in Hindu temples, places of worship and parliament. My point is that each individual should possess weapons to protect themselves,” said Narendranath at the Dharam Sansad.

He also went on to emphasise on the statement made by Swami Govind Giri Maharaj who on Saturday said that each Hindu family should give birth to four children till the government implements the Uniform Civil Code.

Narendra Swami while speaking at the event said that there is a huge threat to the Hindu community who are being attacked. He said that the temples across the country are a soft target for terrorists and even the parliament has not been spared.

He asked what the use of mobile phones is, when the need of the hour is to safeguard society.

When India Today countered him saying that such statements could incite violence, he said that he was not in favour of violence but was only speaking to bring awareness about the impending trouble.

Incidentally, this is the second controversial statement made this week on how the Hindusociety should preserve their culture and religion.

“Why only Hindus should follow two children policy? Christians and Muslims produce 20 children! Hindus should also have 20 children then! There should be uniform civil code.

There should a strong policy on population control,” said Swami Govindadev Giriji Maharaj on Saturday.