Data recovery software and its improved features in latest version

Current world has changed into digital world. Due to this change, people are using laptop for their every task. Laptop users are increasing with each passing day. Laptop users use laptop for data storage, online shopping, online banking, watching movies and listening music. Students also sue laptop for their studies such as storing notes and taking video lectures. So, laptop has become essential device for every person and they cannot live their life without laptop. Laptop users has stored their all data in the laptop in all formats like document file, text file, audios, videos, presentation, images, excel file and many more. But, what will you do if your laptop will not work properly and you are not able to access your data.

This is worse situation for you because data is not available for you and you have to need it immediately. First, thing that you have to kept in mind is that you should know about data lost reasons from laptop so that you can avoid those reasons. Some of data lost reasons are described here:

  • Operating system failure
  • Raw partition
  • Virus attack
  • Software downloads from unknown source
  • Human error
  • Accidentally deletion or formatting of your secondary storage device
  • Partition loss
  • Non blocking of firewall
  • Hard disk failure

Now, you have lost data from your laptop. Data file is present in the laptop but it is in inaccessible format. Question is that how you can convert that inaccessible file format into accessible file format so that you can read it. Solution of this question is data recovery software or file recovery software. File recovery software is available on the internet based companies and you can get it from webpage. You can get the recovery software free and you can also buy licensed version of recovery software. In the licensed version, some additional features are added as compared to free recovery software.

File recovery software not only get back data from laptop but is also get all types of data from all storage devices such as computer, PC, tablet, desktop, SSD cards, USB flash drive, CD, memory cards, pen drives and external hard drive. There are many companies on internet which provides free data recovery software. Before downloading software into laptop, user should have to check the reviews and ratings which are placed on webpage. Get the recovery software which has top rated reviews.

New versions of recovery software are also available in the market. When you download software from internet, check that you are downloading latest version of the software. During installation, if you face any problem, then contact to customer care support, who will be ready for your help. In the newer version of data recovery software, you will get additional features which are:

  • Improved and better recovery quality for deleted files on NTFS partition
  • User will authority to access the folder by searching name
  • Video files will be recovered more effectively
  • User will have better interface to use software
  • Picture content in file will be recognized by adding image recognizer