Distinguishing the real Steroids from the Fake ones

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Newcomers with less education and no experience on steroids are more probably to be the victims of these counterfeit companies. To buy a genuine steroid you are suggested to purchase it from authorized labs which are also named as human grade labs. Here is a little know how to help you understand how to buy steroids which are real and not fake.

How to determine if the steroids you purchase are real or fake is a big question?

Indeed HG labs have high quality compounds that are manufactured under the strictly controlled authorities. They are properly measured and dosed, not contaminated and are able to provide with apparent results whereas the fake steroids might be contaminated or even, in worst cases, contain an entirely another hormone than the one specified on the label, resulting in no improvement of muscles or increasing the risk of spoiling your health.

Check the format

Most genuine steroid products come in push-through plastic blisters for tablets and sealed single-use glass ampules for injections. Ampule’s head shape, neck size, glass thickness, the quality of writing on the ampules and the flat bottom or concave in shape are few parameters to differentiate between the authorized and fake products. Basically, Authorized companies use blisters for tablet packaging whereas Counterfeit companies often make use of bottles for loose pills or tablets and multi-doses vials, because they are much cheaper to make, reduces the production cost and take up smaller space for storing and shipping. You should be very suspicious of any container that holds multiple doses as in capsules or tablets in it.

Doing a Google image search to find out the image of original vials or ampules and then comparing the labeled components will be advised to examine if the product is real or fake. Also it is advised to always keep old vials/bottles for comparison. You will need a doctor’s prescription to buy such a compound or steroid from pharmacies, as the use of these steroids is prohibited in many countries, including USA. Since the doctor’s prescription is hard to achieve, most of steroid users prefer to buy anabolic steroids from the black market. We cannot say that the steroids in black market are all fake. If you are lucky enough, there are chances that you will find genuine products in these black markets. However, it is always recommended to buy these steroids from the authorized labs.

Check the seals

Genuine pharmaceutical products are well sealed to keep out the air and the bacteria. Also, it should have the name of the brand written on it. Underground and counterfeit products have no seal on their products or sometimes use handheld sealing equipment. Vials closed in this manner are often not properly sealed. The top and stopper may turn easily with a little pressure, sometimes even to the point of being worked off the vial by hand. If the top seems loose at all, you probably don’t have a real product.

Buy steroids from countries like Mexico. You will not only get good prices on steroids but also they are legal to buy here.