Dornoch man had thousands of pornographic photos on computer

Case heard at Inverness Sheriff Court today.

A DORNOCH photographer had thousands of pornographic child images on his computers and photographs of a family on a beach with a young boy wrapped in a towel exposing his private parts Inverness Sheriff Court heard today.

Stephen Marrable, according to police, was unemployed but depute fiscal Roderick Urquhart said on the internet they found he appeared to run a business called Tittle Tattle Photography providing services for a variety of clients but describing himself primarily as a landscape photographer.

The 51-year-old today admitted downloading images of young boys and girls, possession of indecent images of children and extreme pornography depicting acts of bestiality.

The offences were committed between August 2012 and May 2016 at his home in Stafford Road.

Mr Urquhart told Sheriff David Sutherland that in May 2016 police received information that a device at Marrable’s home had accessed indecent images and a search warrant was executed.

Marrable told police not to take his mother’s computer as there was nothing on it.

But he added: “You’ll find stuff on mine.”

Police searched the house and took possession of various computers from his bedroom, a computer room and a downstairs bedroom.

One computer tower contained 37 images ranging from Category A to category C of children aged between four and 15 years.

A second tower computer, when forensically examined, showed 749 indecent thumbnail images of young boys and girls in the same age range and a Sony Laptop computer had nearly 1700 images which were accessible and over 1000 which were not accessible.

Six videos were also recovered from this computer.

A CD case with 27 discs contained 4225 indecent images and another box of discs contained adults involved in sexual activities with animals.

A further 38 DVDs were recovered and two contained files with indecent images of children.

One of them entitled “Beach Candid” was created on August 16, 2012, and analysis established that the images had been captured using a Canon Eos 40D camera and contained the text “sgmarrable” in the filename.

Mr Urqhart said: “They contained a number of photographs of a family – a man, a woman, two young girls and a young boy on a beach.

“These were apparently taken from a distance without the knowledge of the subjects. Whilst it is generally the case that a person in a public place can have no reasonable expectation of privacy and consequently can be lawfully photographed, three of these images show the young boy wrapping a towel around his torso exposing his penis.”

A further hard drive was found with seven indecent images of children.

Sheriff Sutherland heard Marrable had no previous convictions and his solicitor Duncan Henderson said reports would be required and he was not seeking continuation of bail.

Sentence was deferred for background reports until May 30.