Effective Link Building Results to be Enjoyed Immediately

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Many of the marketers do believe that link building tends to take a significant time to show up some considerable results. However, this is not always true. Here we will discuss some cases that will reveal a few facts, which contradict popular the assumption.

The common notion was that it takes about 10 to 12 weeks for new links to have a considerable SEO impact. However, the facts of today’s trend tell a different story that is quite the opposite. These facts are based on findings of recent studies and research. While done properly, top-notch link building techniques have an immediate impact and persistence.

Link building results

There were a lot of generic studies conducted on large-sized sites with above 200 thousand pages, and these ere basically focusing on comparatively complex keyword rankings. When there is a large quantity of variables, it becomes somewhat difficult to identify the effect of any popular ranking factor. The study here was conducted with a different approach, which can give a better insight as to why links have an immediate and constant impact.

The test website was based on the legal industry, and it was a small business site. Therefore, the impact can be much extreme. The link building cases were based on the studies conducted over four years time period by SEO Chicago based on certain criterion such as:

Highly successful in generation of top-quality links for:

  • Non-retainer agreement clients that don’t have other SEO works done
  • Done over a short time span while link-building components were constrained to a number of days only.

The primary differences in these studies are:

  • Lower authority as it was small business site.
  • Huge entry of links by driving large volumes of high-end links over a shorter time period.
  • Primarily focusing on the traffic rather than the rankings.
  • Lesser variables as it was a small business website.

Case studies

Case 1:

In a typical of social justice situation, test was run with one link-building plan for the law firm, which involved a specific issue relating to women rights. All the links were produced in a short time space of 3 days. A noted 20% increased was there in traffic immediately after launch of this campaign.

Case 2:

A representative situation was made where the firm initiated an action lawsuit against another food chain brand, and made use of social media platforms to connect to the litigants. They also simultaneously generated links related to the suit. This experimentation showed a 17% immediate boost in inbound traffic.

Case 3:

Here, the law firm had filed an injury lawsuit against one of the biggest multinational technology companies, and received a nationwide coverage through the top news site.  Then they escalated to other sites that had more than 114 high-end domains linking to it in no time. There was an immediate and constant 45% increase in the search of the client across the domains.

There were only three random cases, where the authority of a site has improved dramatically through some high-quality links. It is very obvious from the percentage stats that there can be instant and ongoing enhancement in a site’s traffic and search engine performance with the right and timely links.

Author Bio: Author Kim Butler is an online market research specialist with a high reputation as a columnist also in the tech and SEO Chicago blogs and print media.