Expert Tips To Obtain Likes And Followers On Instagram

Instagram is the only platform which is an exclusive picture-driven community. By posting interesting images, you will have to draw the attention of your target audience. If you can post the right picture at the right time to the right audience, you can surely gain many followers and likes. Here are some essential tips that can help you in increasing the likes and the followers:

Popular Or Trendy Hash Tags:  Try to remain updated with the trendy hash tags which most of the Instagram users are using in their posts. The hash tags must be relevant to the industry you are associated with. You can research through search engine or can use Instagram tools to find out the most popular hash tags.

Teasers:  For promoting any ecommerce site or some new products, you can surely share teasers on Instagram. The teaser photos can attract more likes as the audience gets interested to know what will be coming soon round the corner.

Use Apps: Instagram offers various photo editing apps that can be used to reveal your creativity. Some of the apps are:

  • Picfx : This app possesses more than 100 effects and can size your photo into a square by default for uploading in Instagram.
  • Squaready-Instagram Layouter: It is a free app which allows your photo to be uploaded without cropping.
  • Camera+: It is an app that helps in adjusting the clarity, contrast, brightness and lighting of your pictures. You can also enhance the lighting and zoom the pictures more tightly.
  • Instaframe : It is a free app which helps in creating excellent photo collages. For a single event, you can display various photos through the collage.

You can surely increase the Instagram likes if you can customize your photos with the help of these apps.

Candid Shots: If you can manage to click some behind-the-scenes shots, never forget to post them through Instagram. For example, you may post pictures of employees who are working in your organization. The audience sometimes gets bored with the highly edited and polished pictures. They want something which is real and relevant to your industry. If your company possesses more than hundred employees, featuring the faces of some of them will help you in gaining more likes and followers.

Identify The Right Time:  Try to identify the right time for posting pictures on your Instagram account. You should be aware of the time zone of your target audience and which time they generally check the posts. Most of the users check the posts either in the morning or during the evening, i.e before going to school or work and after returning from school or work. According to a web study, the most favorable moment for posting is just in the middle of the week, for example on Wednesday and in the evening between the time of 5pm and 6pm. The worst time must be in the middle of the night, because there will be no one awake to check the posts and generally the lives of the pictures remain 4 hours and after that it gets lost in the middle of the feeds of the followers.

Invite Guest Users:  There can be many celebrity users on the platform of Instagram. You can invite the guests for taking over a day or covering a major event. Their influence can surely attract a large number of likes and follows.

When you are entirely new on Instagram and have just launched your brand, you may start following the videos and the pictures in your own niche. This will help you in learning the different ways in which your competitive brands are sharing their posts.

Author Bio: John Beckham is a social media expert. In this article, he provides essential tips that can help you in increasing the Instagram likes and followers.