Have extra to say? Twitter now lets you upload longer videos

Have more to say? Twitter now lets you upload longer videos

Twitter is increasing the period of videos users can create and percentage from 30 seconds to a hundred and forty seconds. it’s a whole 2 minutes and 20 seconds to exhibit your basketball abilties, make a political statement or broadcast your cat. Or, a combination of all 3.

Twitter says video tweets have long past up by way of extra than 50% for the reason that the start of the yr, a awesome discern and confirmation that video is an an increasing number of vital a part of social media platforms.

With facebook making massive movements with video – which include lifting the restriction on fb live streams so that you can broadcast past 90 minutes – it only makes sense Twitter is giving its users extra virtual movie to paintings with.

Longer videos imply extra time spent on its carrier, which is all Twitter can sincerely ask for. That, and more customers, which the longer restrict may also help with if it becomes a move-to for enticing video content.

customers can add longer videos on Twitter for iOS and Android as well as on desktop. Twitter for Mac and Twitter for windows gets lengthier video love “soon.”
Longer Vines

in conjunction with its video tweet announcement, Twitter also revealed it’s bearing in mind Vine films of up to a hundred and forty seconds. the brand new durationan entire 23x longer than its 6-second limit – is best rolling out to a small set of creators in a beta.

Twitter, which owns Vine, is positioning the longer vids as a “mini filmin comparison to the 6-second “trailer”, but we will see the way it catches on with users.

in the end, Twitter introduced a brand new fulldisplay viewing revel in that performs a bigger video while you faucet on it, plus offers you hints of related movies and Vine tweets you can want to look at subsequent. this selection is best rolling out to Twitter’s iOS and Android apps.
Time(line) for self-improvement

Twitter has long past on a tear to improve its consumer experience as of overdue, making brand new video declaration one in every of many.

The microblogging provider currently stopped counting mentions and some attachments against its one hundred fortyperson restriction, giving customers more to work with when they tweet.

It failed to forestall there, though. customers can now retweet themselves, and beginning a tweet with “@username” won’t just preserve it a 1:1 verbal exchange. Now, everyone who follows you will see what you tweet, no “.” at the beginning required.

break away ultra-modern video assertion is Twitter interact, a brand new app designed to assist celebrities connect to their followers and hold better tabs on their metrics.

Will a lot of these movements quantity to Twitter keeping and growing customers? Time will inform, but as a minimum it is giving it the old college attempt.