Forgot to logout of Facebook? Here is how you can remotely logout

Forgot to logout of Facebook? Here is how you can remotely logout

How many times have you logged in to your Facebook account from someone else’s computer or smartphone and later forgot to logout? This can give you nightmares as your personal information – chats, images and videos can be at risk, even if the person is your close friend.

If you happen to be in such a scenario, this is how you can protect your sensitive information from getting compromised. With the below steps, you can remotely log out of any and all the open Facebook sessions on any computer, be it a Windows PC, a Mac or a smartphone. Here you go!

1) Sign in to your Facebook account and click the downward arrow in the top-right corner of the page.

2) Click on ‘settings’.

3) Click the ‘Security tab’ in the left column, under the ‘General’.

4) It will open a new window with a number of options. Now click on ‘Where have you logged in’.

5) Here you’ll find a list of open Facebook sessions, with information about the approximate locations, times, and the browser of the device from which you had logged in.

6) Click on ‘End Activity’ to end the session.

7) It’s done.

Another important step to protect your Facebook account is to enable ‘Login Alerts’. To enable, Go to Settings from the drop down arrow > then click on Security on the left column > and click on Edit, adjacent to the Login alerts. Tick Get notifications to receive a text or an email from Facebook if someone using an “unrecognized” device to log into your account.


[Source:- techradar]