Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s

One of the most hot topics of the year 2015-16, which one is better the galaxy s7 edge or the iphone 6s. Apple released the iphone 6s last year with a 3D touch, improved camera and better phone protection, there were no design changes though, whilst Samsung revealed its new phone in 2016’s March itself, the phone being bigger, more curved and loaded with features.

Since the Launch of the Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung is quite eager to bring down “Apple’s” market. In the current smartphones companies all around the world, only the Samsung edge series have been able to somewhat give a competition to the iphones.

Internal features and specifications:Iphone 6s or galaxy S7 Edge?

The Galaxy s7 edge comes with a super amoled curved screen with 534 ppi pixel density, while our very dear iphone 6s just has a 401 ppi pixel density, making a huge difference in the display of the phone. The in-house of Apple is packed with a A9 64-bit dual-core processor, and Samsung with the Exynos 8890 octa cores, this in fact is one of the very few points where you could call it a tie. Apple upgraded on the RAM side and gave ‘iphone 6s’ a 2GB RAM, Samsung being witty came out with a 4GB RAM, 32 Gb internal storage and an extended option for a card slot.

Other than the RAM and pixel density, both the phones are quite similar if it comes to processing, Apple’s 2GB RAM manages to be similar functioning to the S7 edge’s 4 GB RAM. This section goes to Apple indeed. Try Paytm mobile coupons in order to but the devices at some prices.

Exterior design, camera, strength: Iphone 6s or galaxy S7 Edge?

Both phones are high ranged, so its obvious that the brands came up with the best they could, with a 5 inch screen the iphone 6s comes with the same old design as that of the iphone 6, which to be frank did not amuse us very much, whilst the Galaxy S7 Edge, was rolled out with curves on both sides. Samsung smartly managed to change the design and it looked on the consumer complaints about the bulking out camera at the back side. The S7 edge is a 5.5 inch phone which in this means should be compared to the iphone 6s plus (nothing interesting other than the size).

Samsung worked on the phone’s rigidness and got an IP68 certificate which means, its water and dust proof. Whilst Apple upgraded the phone’s plastic body and came with a strong series 7000 anodized aluminum body in comparison to the previous phone.

Talk about the camera, Apple sure upgraded from the 8Mp to a 12MP camera which supports 4K recording and live videos, this was the key feature of the phone but again the front side disappointed with just 1.2 MP, while the S7 edge comes with a 12Mp back and 5 Mp front camera.

In this section the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge beats the iphone 6s hands down. Both the phones are available on online sites and flipkart today offers can help you save some cash.


If you were to choose from these two phones, you would have top make a tough choice, a big screen phone, with great designs standard is something you are looking for? Go for the Galaxy S7 edge; on the other hand if you want a simpler phone with a nice Camera and the ‘Apple’ logo go for the iphone 6s.