Generate revenue from your app with mobile monetisation

If you want to make sure that the mobile app that you have developed is going to provide a financial return then there are many aspects to consider. It is a fine art to making sure customers want to use your app but will also continue to use it without being disengaged by too many advertisements.

There are a thousand things to think about when you are trying to promote your app with a view to mobile monetisation, and a good place to start is with the basics. Formatting is key, and there are many ad formats you can consider. There are numerous possibilities such as using full-screen interstitial ads, as well as video advertising which can be a great way to bring users to your product. Some companies also use display banners but these are proven less effective than video, so this is something to have a think about.

Furthermore, ad placement is very important and can make all the difference. Many apps will advertise on other apps, for example, on similar games. It can be helpful to advertise for your game between the levels of another popular game, or during app transition periods. These are times when you are not interrupting the player and they are more likely to be amenable.

It is also worth thinking about what kind of impact you want to have on people and how you plan to draw them in. Keeping video ads short and sweet, such as fifteen seconds, can be the best way to grab people’s attention but leave them wanting more. It’s this latter factor which will then have them seeking out your game and trying it for themselves.

It is also a great idea to make sure you are checking in with your analytics, seeing who is downloading your apps and how often they are starting it up. Keeping an eye on your retention rates and user reviews means you can keep tailoring your product to your audience’s wants and tastes so that you develop the best app possible that people will use again and again.

One way to make sure users stay interested in your product and follow your marketing through to purchase is by keeping it simple. Making sure that users get the information they need, such as by not having a complicated dashboard, means people understand what you are offering and find it easier to engage with it.

The main thing is to gain a competitive edge, particularly since there are so many apps out there covering such a range of topics and areas. You can make sure that you really stand out with great marketing. Getting feedback from potential consumers can make the world of difference.

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