Get 100+ hours of computer science training for under $40

We’ve all missed out on our fair share of good opportunities. For some, it was investing in Amazon; for others, it was selling off Bitcoin at its peak. And, for many, it was majoring in computer science.

With programmers making a killing in the job market, most of us lament not taking a coding class or two back in university, but it’s never too late to get the education you missed. The 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle packs more than 100 hours of training in Python, JavaScript and more programming essentials, and it’s on sale for only $39 today.

This 11-course collection is designed to get complete beginners up to speed with the tools of the programming trade. You’ll kick off your education with Python, a go-to language for many beginners due to its ease of use and versatility. From loops and data structures to functions and classes, you’ll explore this language’s building blocks so you can learn how to solve basic tasks.

From there, the collection takes you through scalable programming, building voice apps and even creating chatbots. You’ll get your feet wet in the fundamentals of data science with Spark and software testing with Selenium; and you’ll wrap up your training with a look at HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Lifetime access to each course means there’s no rush to complete your training, and the collection even features a module filled with tips, advice and strategies for acing your first technical interview.

The 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle usually retails for $1,089, but you can get it on sale for a fraction of that price today—only $39.

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