Google AdWords Launches New Features for Mobile Shopping and Travel Advertisement

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Mobile search is on the rise since the last couple of years, but this year it’s reaching a new high and Google wants to capitalize this trend by offering some useful features to the marketers as well as consumers. Two most common things people love to do using mobile phones are- e-commerce shopping and travel reservations. In fact, USA based smartphone users are already gearing up for the holiday season starting from October. Google AdWords launched some cool new features for marketers to assist them in luring the mobile searchers, but before I discuss them, let’s take a look at the new features end users can access to have a great travel and shopping experience.

Hotel Smart Filters: Searching the best hotels from Google mobile search is now a lot easier Not only you can filter results using rating and price but also you can now type exactly what you are looking for and Google will provide the matching results. For example, if you are planning to take your dog with you during vacation then you can search for “Pet friendly hotels in London under $250”. This type of search facility is now available only in the USA, but it will be rolled out globally later this year.

Hotel Deals: Everyone loves to get a money saving deal on hotel booking and now Google alerts you from the mobile SERP if there is any deal going on at your travel destination. If a hotel is offering really cheap rates compared to its traditional pricing or if the dates of your booking fall under any limited time discount offer, then you will see a “deal” tag next to search results. This feature is beneficial for both the advertisers and travelers. Now you can reach the potential guests without giving banner ads on third party websites as the SERP highlights your website URL in case you are offering really cheap room rates.

Hotel Tips: This is another great feature for mobile search users because now Google not only highlights hotel deals but also suggests you to adjust your travel date if there is a really good deal coming up in a few days. For example, if you are searching for rooms on 25th to 30th July, you may notice a tip like “save $100 if you stay from 1st August to 5th August”.

Flight Price Tracking: If you use Google Flights then you will be happy to know that you can select your travel dates and opt-in for an email as well as Google Now cards notification facility. If the flight fares increase or decrease for your chosen date, then you get email and Google Now cards notifications immediately.

Showcase Shopping Ads: Google tries to show exact product category based ads to the buyers, but when someone types a broad search term such as “living room furniture” it becomes difficult to understand exactly what furniture the customer is looking for and thus, Google shows specific product ads like sofa or center table. However, showcase shopping ads solved this problem and now displays lots of products by various merchants so that customers can decide exactly what they want. For instance, if you search for “summer dresses” then you will find many multinational brands’ complete collection of summer dresses, not just LBD or skirts. Marketers will be happy to know that anyone running shopping campaigns in the UK, USA and Canada will be eligible for showcase shopping ads and their products will automatically appear in this category in the coming weeks. There is also a premium version of showcase shopping ads that allows marketers to select how their products or brand will appear in search results.

Easier shopping on YouTube: TrueView for shopping was introduced for YouTube a few months ago and now Google has added two new features- companion banner and product picker. Companion banner is an interactive banner that appears next to a video while it’s playing. It showcases the latest products and enables customers to scroll through the list. On the other hand, product picker is a life saver for online marketers. A brand marketer can now decide which products will be shown as cards in TrueView for a shopping campaign. This is a great technique to highlight the most sought after products and boost conversion rate significantly.

Currency Conversion Tool: Google AdWords is all about serving the most user-friendly ads to the customers and help merchants get maximum ROI. In order to bridge the currency differences across nations, Google is testing a tool that automatically converts prices into local currencies to make shopping more enjoyable. Currently, only 4 nations the UK, Australia, Canada and Switzerland can enjoy this feature. For example, if a customer at the UK is searching for a product that you sell in the USA, then the ads will be displayed in GBP instead of USD. This way, customers will know exactly what they will be paying without checking any third party currency converter tool.


These features are certainly very helpful for both merchants as well as customers all over the world, and definitely, increase mobile shopping habit of gen Y. While some of the new AdWords features may not be available in India yet, Google promised that they won’t take much time to roll out the facilities globally.

Author bio: Alex Andrews is an SEO consultant working for a top SEO company New York. Passionate about search technologies and SEO tactics, Alex writes prolifically on SEO implementation for small businesses.