A Guide to Using an Atta Maker to Get the Perfect Dough Every Time

Indian cuisine, especially the North Indian, is incomplete without an Indianflatbread. It can be anything like roti, paratha, naan orpoori. All these Indian breads are made from dough. The doughs have different consistencies depending on the bread you prefer. However, making the dough in itself is quite a messy job and at times unhygienic. If you are a novice in the kitchen work, it gets all the more complicated. You can achieve the perfect texture and taste of the bread only when the dough is made right.

To make the atta kneading process easy and hygienic, you can opt for an electric dough maker. The appliance helps you knead dough with the right consistency every single time.For instance, for poori, you need a little hard dough, while for roti you need the dough to be a bit softer.

The entire kneading process in the atta maker is automated. You justneed to place the ingredients and set the atta maker with the required setting. The perfect dough gets ready in a matter of minutes.

Though all instructions regarding the quantity of ingredients are given in the instruction manual that comes with the appliance, here are few tips to get tasty, healthy and perfect dough from it.

Add Oil

For most of the Indian breads, the main ingredients used are whole wheat flour and water. Adding a teaspoon of oil or clarified butter, however, enhances flavour and colour. It also helps in making the dough smooth and the roti made out of it tastes better.

Use Herbs to Aid Digestion

Pooris, though taste awesome, make you feel bloated and heavy. The best wayto avoid this feeling of heaviness is to add herbs like ajwain to the dough. It aids in digestion and you can enjoy your hearty meal without any digestive problems.

Use Luke Warm Water

When adding water to your electric dough maker, it’s better to use lukewarm water than cold water. Using warm water makes the dough soft so that you can make perfect pooris.

Customize the Ingredients

To give a healthy twist, you can customize the atta dough.Instead of just going for wheat flour and water, experiment with different ingredients. For instance, you can replace water with beetroot or spinach puree. It is a good way of feeding kids who are otherwise fussy about eating vegetables. Similarly, you can add multigrain flour or replace wheat with some other millet flour. This will enhance the nutritive value of the Indian breads multiple times.

Flatbreads like chapatti, roti and naan are an integral part of the Indian diet with most people in many states including them in all three meals. You can use your creativity and experiment with it a lot. The electric dough maker, which is an excellent appliance, will help you in making the perfect dough every time.