How To Score More With Smart JEE Tips


In India, JEE is considered as the toughest engineering entrance exam. The level of competition is higher than any other exams held in our country. There is no doubt that a candidate has to get victory over two hurdles for securing seat in his/her dream engineering college. One is to make good rank in JEE Main exam and later comes the exam of JEE Advanced. While taking preparation for these exams, you need to follow a number of strategies so that you can make good score. Go through this blog thoroughly to learn those smart tips.

  1. Follow the Syllabus Accordingly

First of all, it is very important for a candidate to understand the pros and cons of JEE Mains syllabus. The syllabus should be given utmost priority. You can check out the syllabus from authentic sources. However, the syllabuses of class XI and XII should never be neglected. All the doubts need to be cleared out from the very beginning.

  1. Stay Familiar with the Exam Pattern
  • The pattern of the exam ought to be learnt well before appearing in JEE Main 2016.
  • The vital chapters should be known beforehand.
  • Be informed of all the JEE advanced announcements.
  • The entire syllabus has to be completed.
  1. Maintain a Regular Time Table

A JEE aspirant has to study on five to six hours daily. Therefore, it is essential to make a time table as per your convenience. All the subjects should be studied alternatively. A candidate should not miss a single topic a day. You can take your teacher’s help for making the best time table ever.

  1. Go Ahead Strategically

There is a proverb, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. Without proper planning and strategy, no one can prosper in an exam like JEE. Therefore, one needs to plan in the right way for making good rank in this entrance exam. Some chapters should be assigned every week and it would help a candidate extensively.

  1. Mark Your Weaknesses and Strengths

In order to reach your destination, you have to know your weaknesses and strengths first. May be, you are excellent in Chemistry, good in Physics but average in Mathematics. In that case, you need to give make your weaknesses stronger. Moreover, all your strengths should also be given more emphasis too. Proper planning would also help here in turning your weaknesses into your potency.

  1. Practice Previous Years Questions

Keep in mind, practice makes one perfect. There are so many students who use to learn for the whole long day without practicing. No, it should not be done. Whenever you finish one chapter, consider practicing just after one revise. Most importantly, a candidate has to practice all the previous year’s question papers on a regular basis. Check out JEE advanced 2015 question paper before appearing in JEE 2016.

  1. Special Tips
  • A candidate should keep the last two or three months for revising the entire syllabus.
  • Try to improve in those chapters in which you have some weaknesses.
  • Select a day and take your own exam by collecting the question papers of previous years.
  • Check your estimated rank in JEE by utilizing JEE Mains rank predictor.
    • Avoid revising those chapters which seems completely new to you. Otherwise, lots of confusion can be created.

Well, it does not matter how many tips and suggestions are mention here. What really matters is that, how many of them will be followed by JEE aspirants? JEE Advanced 2015 report proved this inevitable fact. Remember, if you are determined to crack the nut, you have to follow all of these mentioned guidelines. So, be serious about your study and fulfill your dream of becoming an IITian.