HP Adds AMD APUs to Moonshot Software Defined Server

Hewlett-Packard is adding AMD’s Opteron X design Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) chip into its Moonshotlaunch plan for next year.

Gary Campbell, infrastructure technology strategy CTO for HP, took the stage at AMD’s Developer Summit 2013 to show off an upcoming server module and according to eWeek, Campbell said “a remote desktop environment run atop AMD-powered Moonshot systems will be more cost-effective and energy-efficient than a traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment.”

Rather than relying on Intel and AMD x86 chips, or being locked into any single chip technology for that matter, HP has been shopping around for more efficient and lower powered chips since it first announced its software defined server project Moonshot in 2011.

HP’s partnered with ARM-based chip maker Calxeda, used Intel’s Atom server system on a chip, and has servers in their labs powered by Applied Micro’s 64-bit X-Gene server on a chip.  AMD, not to be left behind, has been aggressively promoting its upcoming Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) compliant APU’s, which it believes will provide a necessary boost to data center servers.

HP’s Moonshot servers are the company’s answer to the ongoing demand for more efficient servers that provide needed processing power without increasing power consumption and heat.  They are especially enticing to organizations running large, distributed, cloud based infrastructures such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

According to Campbell, “HP Moonshot servers are about one-tenth the cost of traditional rack servers, and also use about one-tenth the power, cooling and space of the rack systems, he said. When compared with traditional VDI environments, a remote desktop initiative supporting 180 users based on the AMD-powered Moonshot servers will deploy about 90 percent faster, consume 12 percent the power, come in at about 44 percent the total cost of ownership and offer six times the graphics performance.”


[Source:- Tomsitpro]