IBM Announces New Mainframe For Encrypted Hybrid Clouds

IBM has announced a new mainframe system in its Z systems lineup that it says is the world’s most secure server. The new z13s mainframe has a number of integrated security features and can encrypt and decrypt data twice as fast as the previous generation of systems.

The z13s was built specifically for businesses with hybrid clouds that deal with a high volume of sensitive information such as financial transactions. IBM says the security embedded into the hardware of the mainframe includes “tamper-resistant hardware-accelerated cryptographic processors” that allow the server to securely handle twice as many encrypted transactions in the same amount of time without negatively affecting performance. Companies that purchase the z13s also have access to a new type of threat monitoring being developed by IBM called z Systems Cyber Security Analytics, which learns behaviors and analyzes transactions in real time to look for suspicious activity.

The new mainframe also supports IBM MFA (Multi-factor Authentication), a z/OS security solution which requires users to provide a second level of authentication such as a pin number. IBM says this marks the first time MFA security has been included as part of the OS rather than as a separate application.

The combination of enhanced hardware/software security features and transactional speed should be attractive to companies that are worried about providing secure services to customers.

[Source:- Processor]