More information about interior and exterior walls

Siding is a relatively low-maintenance alternative for those that don’t want to spend time maintaining the paint or wood of the exterior of their homes. This option gives us the ability maintain the look of our homes without worrying about painting and any other maintenance driven tasks. However, although siding is low maintenance, there is some maintenance involved. Siding should be inspected periodically to ensure that it’s still in good condition and doing what it’s supposed to do for your home.

Look Under the Exterior
Siding may appear to be in good condition, however, if you inspect the condition of the underside, you will see its true condition. If the underside of the siding is soft and falls apart easily, it’s time to replace it, or at least the deteriorating sections. Siding that is neglected can cause structural damage to the interior walls of your home by allowing moisture to seep in.

Inspect the Interior Walls
Sometimes the condition of your interior walls can reveal signs that your siding has rotted in certain areas, giving way to moisture that has seeped through your exterior walls. This type of moisture damage will affect your drywall and the overall structural integrity of your walls. If left untreated, the interior of your home would begin to show the signs of moisture damage and even mold.

Are Pieces of Siding Missing?
Sometimes, the deteriorating condition of the siding is obvious. There may be pieces that have fallen off. In these instances, it’s not always necessary to replace all of your siding. There are times where the missing pieces can be replaced if the rest of the siding is still in good condition. However, if pieces have fallen off, inspect all of your siding thoroughly before you decide to replace only what has fallen off. It’s important that you make sure that the damage is present only in the places where the siding has fallen off. If you find a lot of damage, it may be a good idea to simply replace everything. However, if you are unsure, find a company that can provide you with more information.

Siding is an attractive and low-maintenance alternative for your home exterior. However, this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be inspected from time to time. Do your homework and make sure that your siding is still in good condition. If you find moisture damage or damage to a few pieces, repair the damage as soon as possible. This will prevent further destruction to both the exterior and interior of your home.