The Internet Is Dark And Full Of Rumours About GoT Season 7 Episode 5 Leak, But It’s A Hoax!

The HBO Hackers, who reportedly leaked 1.5 terabytes of data last week, threatened to release more Game of Thrones’ episodes on Sunday, August 6, but they failed to do so.

After the alleged leak of  “Spoils of War” — possibly one of the best “Game of Thrones” episodes, fans are all ears about the release of the 5th episode.

But, the internet is full of fake links and click baits, tricking people into watching the 5th episode.

In an automated email sent to, the hackers wrote that they will gradually release the leaked content every week before adding that the next leak may come on Sunday at 12 GMT ( 5 pm IST). But that hasn’t happened.

According to reports, they had initially only published the script for the next episode online, but released a low-quality version of the episode as well.


For those who can’t hold their horses for the next episode, beware of illegal torrents. Malware actors use this as an opportunity to trick people into downloading something that can compromise your system.

Spoiler alert

For those who have watched the leaked 4th episode, it ended with a worrying cliffhanger, where Jaime Lannister, with his heavy armor and golden hand is knocked into the water.