Internet on flights likely by August-end

Image result for Internet on flights likely by August-endMUMBAI: Internet on flights in India could soon be a reality. The Centre is likely to permit it by August-end.

“We’re awaiting clearance from the Department of Telecommunications,” said Lalit Gupta, joint DG, Directorate General of Civil Aviation. “International airlines are in talks with the aviation ministry. Currently, they have to switch off Wi-Fi in the Indian airspace (where inflight internet is banned on security grounds).” Gupta also said that Indian carriers like Jet Airways and SpiceJet are slated to take deliveries of the Wi-Fi-fitted Boeing 737 MAX by mid-2018.

About 70 airlines across the world offer inflight internet letting passengers email, livestream, use social media, download movies and even make calls. These include carriers that fly into India like Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Etihad.

In India, airlines like Jet Airways and Vistara offer a library of preloaded content downloadable onto electronic devices by linking to the aircraft’s non-internet Wi-Fi. SpiceJet will give the facility by June-end. It must be understood that Wi-Fi is wireless local area networking.