iPhone Buyers Get Tool For Obsessively Tracking Their Purchase

When the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus became available for pre-order, Apple fans began the arduous process of waiting for their new gadgets to arrive.

Well, for better or for worse, FlightAware is letting iPhone buyers constantly track their new device as it flies around the world to their doorstep.

Hello, Siri! TODAY anchors are introduced to the new iPhone4:07

The tool (available online for free) tracks flights in real-time. FlightAware matches the UPS tracking number given out by Apple when an iPhone is shipped and pairs it with the plane carrying the device.

That means an iPhone buyer in California can watch with wide eyes as a tiny plane icon takes off from Asia, slowly makes its way across the Pacific, and finally lands near her house — unless that person is Adrienne Alpern of San Diego, who created some Internet buzz by unexpectedly receiving her iPhone 6S early.
























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