Kaspersky Announces New Enterprise Product, Services

Kaspersky is beefing up its enterprise security product portfolio with its new Anti Targeted Attack Platform and a number of Security Intelligence Services. Here’s a quick look:

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform
This platform carefully monitors network activity, including Web and email, to help businesses detect targeted attacks and other malicious actions. It consists of network and endpoint sensors, which cover data acquisition duties over network traffic, Web, email, and endpoints, and Kaspersky’s sandbox technology, which offers an isolated and virtualized environment to analyze suspicious objects to detect their intent. Learn more about the platform here.

Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services
These new services cover three areas:

  • Security Assessment Services. This service includes penetration testing and application security assessment.
  • Cybersecurity Training. This training includes digital forensics and malware analysis/reverse engineering.
  • Threat Intelligence. With this service, businesses can access Kaspersky’s threat intelligence data through both threat data feeds, which include information on malicious programs and URLs, phishing attacks, and mobile threats, and intelligence reporting, which offers reports on specific aspects of the threat landscape.

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