Logitech UE Roll speaker review: A treat for music lovers

Logitech UE Roll speaker review: A treat for music lovers

The Ultimate Ears range of Bluetooth speakers from Logitech is known for their performance and durability. The company is already selling the UE Mini Boom, Megaboom in the Indian market and has recently launched UE Roll at a price of Rs 8,499, which we are going to talk about today in the following review. The speaker comes with an interesting design, which is one of its kinds almost like a Frisbee and is also water proof. But does it enough to be best portable wireless speaker around? Let’s find out.


Diameter: 135mm. Height: 40mm. Weight: 330 g
Ports: microUSB port, 3.5mm jack
Frequency range: 108Hz – 20kHz
Maximum sound level: 85dBA
Drivers: One 2-inch driver and two ¾-inch tweeters
Addeed features: IPX7 certified
Battery: Can last up to 7.5 hours


When we talk about wireless Bluetooth speakers, all we can think of is rectangular and squarely shaped products, which are quite hard to differentiate from one another. But Logitech’s UE Roll is nothing like them. The curved dome shaped speaker will remind anyone of the vintage styled UFO’s that we have seen either in the Hollywood movies or in the sci-fi shows of the Discovery channel. Some might also say that it looks like a Frisbee that comes in vibrant colours. We chose a unit which was a blend of Purple and Yellow in colour . In total, there are 5 other colour variants to choose from, and all of them are equally lively and will surely turn many heads.

The top of the speaker is covered with a vibrant coloured meshed fabric, which also works as a protective grille to offer protection from water) with large plus and minus marked on it that works as volume controls. The bottom of speaker is made up of rubberised plastic and houses the power, Bluetooth button, and the microUSB port with the 3.5mm port for auxiliary cable covered under a flap. Another design element to talk about is the fabric coated bungee cord attached to its back, which makes UE Roll a traveler’s dream audio product. You can hang it on a door knob, a shower rod or can simply loop it around your wrist and listen to music while taking a walk. This simple addition gives you the freedom to position UE Roll at the place of your choice. The speaker also has the IPX7 certification, which will keep it up and working in the water for a half-hour at up to one meter of depth.

Overall UE Roll is the ultimate on-the-go companion with the most unconventional design out there in the market.

Ports and Connectivity

UE Roll can be paired up to two source devices at the same time. Moreover, you can wirelessly stream to 2 UE ROLLs from one Bluetooth source. The wireless mobile range of play is up to 20m or (65ft) or you can use the 3.5mm jack to connect with the cable to stream the music. Besides, the speaker has a microUSB port for charging.

One thing we like to mention here is that we faced serious connectivity issues while pairing the UE Roll with our devices, especially Nexus 5X and Moto G 3rd Gen. The speaker just could not connect with the devices and we had to use the cable. However, it get connected to Lenovo Vibe X3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3 Neo without any issues. It might be a unit specific problem, but we can’t comment on it.

Audio quality

We can keep on talking about the design and the features but what matters most for a speaker is the audio performance it delivers. The UE Roll is fitted with a primary 2-inch driver in support with ¾-inch tweeters. The frequency range of UE Roll lies between 108Hz and 20kHz.

That said, UE Roll’s disc shape works in its favour and makes it possible for the speaker to deliver audio at a wider angle, a 360-degree sound. However, what impresses us most is the ability of the speaker to reach the level of loudness without affecting the overall clarity. The sound can go amazingly loud- 85dBA, which is more than enough to fill a big hall and you cannot dare to play it in a small room. Yes, it’s that loud. Besides, we play a number of genres and the sound it delivers is crisp, powerful and has plenty of richness in the mids and highs.

However, the point where UE Roll loses the marks is the ability to make and receive phone calls. With the absence of a built-in microphone, it is just not possible. Also, UE left out the NFC connectivity in the Roll, which the company had offered with the previous Mini Boom portable speaker.

If you can compromise with these two things, the speaker is perfect for weekend trips, family outings and yes even pool parties where you would like to play your favourite tracks wirelessly and that too without worrying about the weather conditions.


We played the music for up to 6 hours on and off at various volume levels, and the UE Roll still had juice left to stream the music. While, the company claims it can last for 9 hours, we found it to be able to easily last for up to 7 and half hours on a single charge. It would have been better if the company would have added some battery indicators to signify the remaining battery power. All you can do is simultaneously press the volume buttons, which will give a voice message of the available battery power. The speaker takes a little more than 3 hours to get charge to its fullest capacity.


UE Roll is a treat for audiophiles. It is compact, powerful and even comes with a waterproof body.


We faced some connectivity issues while pairing up the speaker with our smartphones, which was quite irritating. And battery indicators were also missed.


At a price of Rs 8,490, UE Roll delivers one of the best audio performances, which can be defined in terms of clarity, level of loudness and richness. It comes with a waterproof, compact and a unique design and can wirelessly stream music across the rooms, easily up to 40 feet. There are other affordable portable speakers out there, which offers a decent performance (for instance Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth), but if you are really looking for something that is powerful, portable and also durable, this is the product you need to buy.


[Source:- Techradar]