Meet Albert: AI-powered computer looks JUST like a mirror (and even has a sense of humour)

Albert might look like a mirror but don’t be fooled – this self-reflective display does far more than let you check yourself out.

Albert, a new home computer run on artificial intelligence (AI), can tell you how to tie a bow tie, play music and even find a recipe for supper.

The creators say that Albert also has a character and users can change his voice, gender, accent and even his sense of humour.

Albert, the AI-powered computer which looks just like a mirror, can give users the weather, what's in the calendar and even a summery of the day's news 

Albert, the AI-powered computer which looks just like a mirror, can give users the weather, what’s in the calendar and even a summery of the day’s news

Albert is an AI companion that lives inside a mirror-like computer created by a start-up called Duo.

The New York-based company build technology systems for homes.

Users can ask Albert what is on their calendar that day, control lights or flick through the latest Instagram posts.

By asking ‘Hey Albert what’s it looking like today?’ the AI-powered computer will give you the weather, what’s in your calendar, a summary of the main news stories.

It can also understand commands such as play music, stream videos, control lights, play games and even pull up your favourite recipe.

The AI companion, like other home AI assistants Amazon Echo and Google Home, is controlled by voice commands and also has an interactive screen.

The mirror-like computer, which only comes in white, has a 27″ full-HD 1080p display and is designed to fit on the wall of a bedroom or bathroom.

When it’s not in use it can turn into a full-screen art frame which displays classic and new art on rotation.

‘There are four notches in the back of the main display/mirror that you can use with any standard nails/screws. You can also prop it up on a table’, developers say on their website.

It also has a built-in microphone, speaker, wifi, bluetooth and various native apps including Duo Music, Duo News and Duo App Store.

The core electronics are housed in a discrete slim casing, which means the main display at just 1.9mm thin.

Duo runs HomeOS, a touch and speech-based operating system built specifically for homes.

The Duo can be pre-ordered at $399 (£322) for the first 1000 units.

After that, price will go up to $500 (£403).

They can be ordered from anywhere in the world and shipping will start in October 2017.

   [Source:-Dail Mail]