Meet the expectations of the large organizations with ease

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Everybody moves to large scale from small scale productions. Increased work means increased responsibilities. This also leads to increased complexity in the workplace. To efficiently handle the smooth functioning of the product, services of an agile management certification holder is recommended. A trained person is capable of looking after the product development that includes management of large scale team members.

Your organization must be  hundreds or thousand team members and all the people can never agree on the same point. Difference of views has been always there. This is when an agile expert enters and handles the entire situation. He will help the company with his special education that he grabbed from the large scale scrum workshop.

These workshops are tailor made to suit the needs of the bigger organization. The training will provide you complete info on the product development techniques and all the complexity that it involves. With his special learning he is a learned professional who knows where to implement the agile methodology to extract better returns. It’s his training that bestows him with all necessary knowledge and principles of the scrum and when and where to apply them.

In an effort to provide you with wonderful learning experience the teachers give you assignments and exercises so that you get the complete picture of what is expected from you in the organization. For your help there are doubt sessions that you can look forward to. You also have discussion rounds to increase your knowledge and grab more information on the topic.

The two day training is an enriching training that focuses on handling the multi team coordination. There is a case study to help the students,facilitating comprehensive understanding. The teachers who are an industry experts have put their best efforts in providing you the best quality education that you need to excel in your career. At the end of the course you get a certificate. All throughout your workshop you will be taught to learn the concepts so that acing the certification exam becomes easier for you.

You also join the LeSS community when you enroll for the training. In this community you will get complete information on the LeSS and you stay connected with like-minded people who have enrolled in the workshop. Moreover, you also get a free version of the book: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large Scale Scrum book and access to upcoming book: Large Scale Scrum: More with less, absolutely free.

The main purpose of the workshop is to impart complete knowledge and education on the LeSS techniques and its implementations in the large scale productions. In the training you will get familiar with its principles, frameworks, rules, fundamentals and governing tools that assist you in its successful application. You will acquire mastery in applying its methodology for managing bigger projects and organizations.