NEC Cuts A/C Power Consumption For Data Centers in Half

NEC announced that it is now developing a phase change cooling technology for data centers that promises a significant drop in power consumption when compared to other cooling technologies. According to the company, phase change cooling, an approach that leverages cooling capabilities when a coolant is changing its state from liquid to vapor, can reduce air conditioning power consumption by up to 50 percent.

NEC has been releasing information about phase change cooling for data centers for the past three years and promised up to 80 percent more efficiency over air-cooling technologies, while data center operators would save up to 70 percent in equipment cost over traditional air conditioning systems.

NEC explained that new technology is able to “substantially reduce the air conditioning load inside server rooms” since heat is collected before it is dispersed and is immediately “transported directly to the outside of the server room.” NEC said that it recently tested the system with 10 servers and found that “approximately 50 percent of the heat exhausted from the back of a rack was transported to the outside of the server room.”

The company stated that its phase change cooling technology provides “high reliability at low cost through coolant distribution and circulation for multi-stage racks” and uses “an environmentally friendly coolant.”

There was no information when the technology will be commercially available.


[Source:- Tomsitpro]