New budget A4 Pro-3350B APU is available

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New AMD A4 business-class APU, dubbed A4-3350B, was released in May. The processor is based on year-old Carrizo-L design and produced on 28nm manufacturing process. Similar to other “Carrizo-L” A4-series products, the A4-3350B comes with 4 cores, 2 MB L2 cache and Radeon graphics with 128 shader cores. Nonetheless, the APU does offer better performance than older Carrizo-L models, such as A4-7210, due to increased CPU and GPU frequencies.

The A4-3350B APU runs at 2 GHz and supports Turbo Core technology, which can boost up to 2.4 GHz. Both frequencies are 200 MHz higher than A4-7210’s base and maximum turbo frequencies. The integrated GPU is branded as R4, and its maximum clock rate was upped to 800 MHz. The A4-3350B incorporates AVX instructions and older x86 extensions. On-chip memory controller has only one channel, supporting DDR3-1600 memory. Despite of increased CPU and GPU frequencies, the processor has the same 15 Watt TDP as the A4-7210. The A4 Pro-3350B is manufactured in BGA package.

The new APU is now offered in Dell Vostro 15 3000 series notebooks. Dell website currently mentions that the A4 Pro-3350B is available only in India.


[Source:- CW]