New Google programme to help kids become ‘Internet Awesome’

Story image for Internet from Business Standard
Gone are the days when individuals would solely rely on books and published articles for gaining a maximum education. It is time to take a step forward and help our children widen their horizon by aiming to teach them how to be ‘Be Internet Awesome’ encouraging digital safety. Transmission of news whether it is good or bad is just within a matter of few seconds and ensuring internet safety is amongst the crucial issues our next generation will come across while Google making it extremely necessary to implement this plan with a bang.


The internet world has always been plagued with predators operating all over the globe. This advanced solution has developed collaboration with few online safety keepers like the Family Online Safety Institute, The Internet Keep Safe Coalition and ConnectSafely for its better implementation and effectiveness.


This plan focuses on Five Key Lessons so as to help children explore the internet world with confidence and wisdom


Teaches our kids to BE INTERNET SMART: Browse and share with utmost care.


Helps them to BE INTERNET ALERT: Gives them the vision to differentiate between REAL AND FAKE.


Aids in helping them to BE INTERNET STRONG: Safeguard information by securing it.


Conveys the message of BE INTERNET KIND: Proclaims that being kind is cool as well.


Tells them to BE INTERNET BRAVE: Share your problems with ease and talk it out for better clarity.


‘Be Internet Awesome’ is designed while considering several unique, applicable perspectives and thought processes in mind. Google is helping to teach children how to protect their information on the web and differentiate between the information which is appropriate and inappropriate. It further gives the insight to safeguard valuable information while helping others in cases of doubts and to retain the positive impact of this act. It encourages direct communication with adults and establishing effective communication with them at home, in classrooms and boosts the interactive component.


Kids get a chance to learn lessons in a fun-filled and creative manner by completing puzzles and challenges. It is free of cost and can be accessed easily. Children are already in love with this imaginary world which further teaches them the art to efficiently deal with hackers, phishers, cyber bullies and making them digital masters at their fingertips.