How A New Manager At A Company Can Make Their Mark Without Impacting Morale Negatively

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Being promoted to a high ranking manager at a company is an exciting opportunity to show others at the company what you are capable of. The one thing to avoid is being that manager that tries to change everything at once. This not only can seem like it is a power hungry move but it can impact morale in a negative way. Learning the styles of management that each employee thrives under should not take much time. If you worked with this person in the past and saw the way they responded to certain styles of management is valuable knowledge. You might have noticed that one person when reprimanded harshly shuts down while another person kicks their production up to the next level. Being able to manage all of the personalities will take some time but it is something you can learn as you go. Below will outline how a new manager can make noise at a company without impacting employee morale negatively.

Delivering Reports To Investors

A manager that is in charge of production or a part of production might have to present reports to investors. The best thing that can be done is deliver realistic reports and any projections need to be realistic rather than optimistic. Data can be tough to decipher so put it as simply as possible as the investors might not know certain terms or metrics. Lee Jacobs of AngelList noted that generalist investors may be more focused on the founder than the data associated with the company.  It is important to know the style of and focus of the investor one is working with.

Do Lunch With Staff You Work Directly With

Building a sense of team is important so going out to lunch with those that you directly work with can do just that. An employee scared of a manager because they have a question is not going to communicate well due to their fear. This doesn’t mean you have to bribe staff by taking them to lunch but rather join them or invite them with you. Casual conversation with those that work directly with you can help you build personal and just not professional rapport. The lunch can be a time to have fun or for staff to communicate ideas that might benefit the company as a whole.

Ask Employees What Would Make Their Jobs Easier

A great manager asks how they can make the job easier for their employees. There is a plethora of tools available for areas like that of sales and marketing. The ability to gather data automatically for a marketing team can allow them to write, outreach, and do other facets of the job rather than spending copious amounts inputting marketing data. Staying informed about different programs or software that can help is important when you want to be the best manager possible. Automation is another opportunity to make the job easier for employees as it is done automatically while simultaneously eliminating mistakes due to human error. Employees will also appreciate that you are actively trying to help them perform at a higher level rather than simply saying “do more work” without supporting them.

Humanize Yourself To Staff Working Under You

Employees might find it hard to believe that you are human especially if you do not have the warmest personality. Humanize yourself by doing things like bringing your family to company events. People seeing the way that you interact with your spouse or children can allow people to see a different side of you. Building friendships in the office can also do this but beware of those people that might want to make friends so they can get away with a little bit more. A real friend would not put you in the position to reprimand them as they will respect your position and power that you have.

Push Production……..But Not Too Hard

The one thing that executives or directors are going to want to see is an increase in production. This has to be done carefully as demand more production week after week can lead to employee burnout. This means that if you are setting goals for a department you need to make them attainable. Setting goals that cannot be achieved will stress out employees as well as make them feel like they’ve failed even if they increased production from the month before. Remember to use the numbers from the year before as certain times of the year can be slower so production simply cannot be as high.

Starting a job as a new manager will have a learning curve in respect to getting yourself into the groove of things. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that you were given the position because you earned it, not by random luck. Learn your staff’s management styles and start to take your department to new heights.