New Storage System From Western Digital & Avere Systems “Rivals Cloud Storage”

The public cloud has offered tremendous cost savings for enterprises looking for a utility-based model for compute, but that model doesn’t work for customers with large data sets or those that don’t trust their data in the public cloud. That’s why Western Digital (and its HGST brand) and Avere Systems have partnered to create a highly flexible, easy-to-scale storage system that rivals cloud storage, said Barbara Murphy, a Western Digital vice president, in a press release announcing the new system.

The HGST Active Archive System is now certified with the FXT 5000 Series Edge Filer family from Avere. When combined, the systems help enterprises preserve their investments in file storage and applications and still take advantage of cloud architecture benefits such as scalability and economics. Western Digital calls it a cloud-bursting solution that uses intelligent file system caching to move only active data to cloud-based compute platforms while still offering the performance of local compute and storage.

[Source:- Processor]