Preparing to Cook for a Large Group of People

Having a big group of people over for dinner can be overwhelming. It’s always fun when you are inviting the people. In your mind you’re thinking about having a good time with your guests, cracking some jokes over a few bottles of wine, and enjoying a delicious meal. In your head, it all looks easy and you imagine everything is going to run smoothly.

Then the day of the event arrives. And now you find yourself in your kitchen preparing food for scores of people. There is no way in the world that you are not going to feel a little bit of stress. And if you are like most average homeowners, you do not have large industrial tools in your home like a ribbon blender to help you prepare large quantities of food faster.

As any experienced cook understands, planning is an essential part of hosting a large dinner party. It can help you alleviate anxiety. If you plan well, you’re not going to have a lot of stress, and you’re not going to transmit that stress onto your guests.

One of the first things to think about when planning to cook for a large group of people is stick to what you know. When you are planning a large dinner party, this is not the time to ruffle through your recipes and try to find that one unique recipe you told yourself you wanted to make some time in the future. What if it doesn’t turn out? You are adding a lot of unnecessary stress. It’s best to cook that one meal that you have made so many times that you can make it with your eyes closed.

If you absolutely feel like you must make something that you’ve never made before, do not do it with the main course. Do it with an appetizer, or do it with something that accompanies the main meal. Do not take this risk with something that the entire meal depends on.

Second, go with what you know everyone likes. Save trying a kind of rare food for when you have friends over who you know are going to like it. You know what the crowd pleasers are. Those are the dishes that are always devoured at any party. If you stick to those, you’re going to be happy with the way your guests react to the food you make.