PUBG Mobile goes past 400 million downloads, becomes world’s highest-grossing mobile game

PUBG Mobile goes past 400 million downloads, becomes world's highest-grossing mobile game

PUBG Mobile rolled out the new 0.13.0 update and brought in several new features to the game. PUBG Mobile has now released a new Deathmatch mode and the Godzilla theme. The hype around the new update has led to the game achieving a new milestone of 400 million downloads on both Android and iOS platforms outside of China. The milestone comes less than six months after the PUBG Mobile game had exceeded 200 million downloads. With over 100 million active players across the world, PUBG earned $146 million in revenues last month, making it the highest-grossing mobile game in the world, according to The Financial Times.

The Call of Duty: Mobile has inspired the 4v4 TDM or Team Deathmatch mode in the game. The new mode will join the Survive Till Dawn mode under the EvoGround section. In the new Deathmatch mode, players will form teams and fight to get to 40 points. The first team to get to the magic figure will win the match. The ‘last man standing’ Deathmatch mode will see fire-fights in both first and third person modes. Players in this mode can also create their own rooms with room cards.

The new PUBG update 0.13.0 has added the separate control settings for first and third person modes. There is also an improved third-party cheat prevention system and enhanced detection of cheating behaviour via the Virtual app, emulators, and modifiers. It comes with a new latency indicator visible from the main screen. The new 0.13.0 PUBG Mobile update also has the MVP showcase system.  Every player in the game now gets a default MVP pose. The top 3 players in Classic mode or the MVP of the winning squad in TDM will be featured.

Other new additions include a new popularity ranking system with limited gifts for the top 100 players. There is also an additional focus on the First Person Perspective in the new version and the game provides a separate set of controls.