Razer Phone 2 Review: The Smartphone Gamers Demanded

Last year saw PC gaming specialists Razer launch their first smartphone. The imaginatively titled Razer Phone brought a gaming focus to the Android platform with a high performance screen, top-line specifications, and a drive to improve the mobile gaming experience.

Twelve months later, what has Razer learned about the smartphone space and can these lessons be applied to its second handset? Thanks to Razer UK and its UK network partner Three, I’ve been able to put the Razer Phone 2 through its paces. Is a gaming smartphone for everyone? No. Is there a need for a gaming smartphone? Yes.

Given those questions, is the Razer Phone 2 the answer?

Razer Phone 2 (image: Ewan Spence)

Razer Phone 2 (image: Ewan Spence)Ewan Spence

Style wise Razer has retained the look of the first Razer Phone, which itself echoed the look of the Nextbit Robin (for those of you not keeping up Razer acquired NextBit in early 2017, after the Kickstarter funded Robin smartphone was released in 2016).

The Razer Phone 2 stands out in a sea of wavy artistic designs. There’s no mistaking which handset you’ve got in your hand.  It is an angular and brutish look, all square edges and right angles. It’s a far cry flow the flowing curves and liquid lines of other flagship smartphones… I like it.

I like it because it stamps Razer’s identity all over the handset. And that’s of critical importance in today’s smartphone market. It’s relatively easy to pick up a phone to a factory in China, ask what the off the shelf specs are for a low- mid- or high-end smartphone, and have ten thousand units ready for delivery a few weeks later. The hard part is selling, shipping, and supporting them. That’s where marketing comes in and that’s where Razer has an advantage, right there on the back of the machine.