Is he really 50 yrs old? Internet can’t get over the looks of this model-turned-photographer

A Singapore-based model-turned-photographer has become the talk of the town for his dark hair, flawless face and chiseled six pack. The catch is he’s in his 50s.

Chuando Tan’s Instagram photos seem to suggest that he is just out of university. The internet is stunned with how someone can be so youthful at this age?

“I swear this guy probably found the fountain of youth and he’s not telling anyone,” one of the users commented on his post.

“Where are your wrinkles man?seriously,how can you not have a wrinkle on your face and your body? Im 20 and I look like 100 years old compared to you damn <33 (sic),” another comment says.

If one goes through the social media account of the young-looking photographer, then adjectives such as handsome, beautiful, amazing are not hard to find.

If you don’t believe us, then you need to witness it for yourself.In the end, we can just say that age is indeed a number, especially in this case.