Reasons why you should install ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM in your organisation

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Gone are the days when attendance registers were used. With advent of access control systems keeping a track of employee attendance has become effortless. Equip your establishment with the latest access control system for better security and protection, and ensure improved productivity.

With the advance in technology and our willingness to adapt to change, the way we view security has changed. Most offices and organisations no longer use a register or notebook to mark attendance; doors aren’t manned by security personnel on whose discretion we previously sought entry into the building. All this and more has evolved into a new age secure and convenient access systems. An access system is essentially a physical device, often biometric in design, that is programmed to allow certain people access to the room or space that the system is attached to. Digital door locks also belong to the same category of systems.

Listed here are some benefits of installing an access and security control system, so that you can make an informed decision:

  • Safe & secure

An access control system is tamper proof. Depending on the model, the device rings an alarm in case someone is trying to tamper with it. This way, you can be rest assured of the integrity of the data collected and stored by the device, in terms of who entered the premises using the access system.

  • Easy to use

Rather than going through the tedious process of writing your name, in-time, purpose of visit, contact number, out-time, etc. in a register to mark your entry, it is much more convenient to just punch in the password into the access system’s keypad to gain entry or simply scan your fingerprint into the biometric system for access. Be it for domestic or commercial purposes, one simple demonstration or reading of the instruction manual is enough to get the users acquainted with the know-how of the system.

  • Various alarm integration

Some of the access systems are temperature sensitive; in case the temperature in the surrounding area crosses 60°C, the device sounds an alarm indicating that there is a fire. Furthermore, if someone tries to force open the door or attempts to damage the system, an alarm is sounded.

  • Efficient time-keeper

In an office ecosystem, a system for access control can help improve efficiency and reduce costs. It can record the employees’ attendance, reduce the costs attached to hiring staff to man an entrance, reduce the time and efforts invested in calculating the hours every employee has put in, improve accuracy of attendance, etc. This leads to a more conscientious workforce, reduces loss of work hours which may otherwise occur when an accurate attendance system is not in place.

  • Asset protection

A system for access control helps the establishment identify who is on the premises and who is not. This assures better protection to the assets on the premises such as equipment, personnel, and products and services that are unique to your organisation such as sensitive data.

Thus, having a unified and well-integrated system which controls and regulates access to the premises helps the user in more ways than one. Hurry up and equip your home or office with the latest in technology for peace of mind in this day and age of notoriety.