It is possible to lose your ITunes password or even forget it. What you need is a great software to help you recover your backup file. The software you choose should be very swift in the recovery of forgotten password and should support all versions of iTunes backup.

To unlock locked iTunes password, you need to install and run the recovery software on a Windows computer. Secondly, you open the locked iTunes backup file in the recovery password. Then you need to set the backup password attack type, and finally, you will recover the locked backup password and unlock your locked iTunes.

  • iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery

It is the perfect password recovery tool for iTunes. It has incredible key features that simplify the process. You can use it to recover iTunes backup password for iPhone and iPad. The software supports all versions of iTunes backup, and its recovery speed is very high. Another feature that crowns it all is that the password recovery tool does not damage any data or lose it. You can restore your contacts, notes, videos, photos, apps, and calendars.

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  • Recovery speed

iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery has a high speed when it comes to password recovery. The backup file size is not a determinant when it comes to its speed. The tool supports multi-core CPUs and NVIDIA-GPU that accelerates the password recovery process.


  • Attack types

The iTunes password Recovery has powerful attack types. The Brute-Force Attack tries all character combinations in the particular range. Short passwords are recovered fast because the recovery engine is highly optimized. The Brute –Force with Mask Attack helps in cases where you can remember the password partly. It reduces the time used to recover the password. The Dictionary Attack helps recover the lost password by trying the combinations within the range of the inbuilt dictionary. The Smart Attack is automatic and tries all characters that are possible. It includes all printable characters.


  • Simple recovery steps

iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery has a very simple process to recover your iTunes password. You only need to download the tool and install it in your device and open it. The next step is to select the iTunes backup file and click ‘OK’. The iTunes backup opens automatically on your computer once you click open. The next thing is to choose the right option to use in password recovery. Select one option from the four powerful attack types. The last step is to recover your password. The recovery process might take some time. Once you retrieve the password, you can now comfortable unlock your iTunes backup password.

iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery is an easy way to open your iTunes backup. The system requires you to have a windows supported computer; the processor should be 1GHz or more. The RAM should not be something below 256 MB. The free hard disk space should be 10MB or more. iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery is a tool from a dedicated company that focuses on quality and effectiveness. You do not have to worry if you forget your iTunes backup password because iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery solves the problem efficiently.