SEO and brand building: two factors that can define your online success

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If your website policies and your brand values are frequently clashing, you may want to think about your branding efforts. Defining your brand is something you need to do in line with developing your online presence. Your website needs to be visible, user-friendly and crawlable for all present search engine bots. It should also converge with your consumer interests.

There are three common types of brands who need SEO guided brand building –

  • Retail brands: they are a mix and match of products and services. You can think of the lines of Mintwood Home, Target, Walmart and Urban Stems.
  • Service brands: they rely on customer behavior, culture and knowledge that fulfills the demands of targeted customer groups. DC taxi, Geek Squad, and Molly Maid are excellent examples of service brands who have made their presence felt.
  • Product brands: these aims at selling particular products. Nike, Nokia, Ford and similar brands fall under this category without any confusion.

Although the basic structure and function of their websites will not be different, their online brand building process will have many common factors, says a leading SEO company serving companies in Washington DC for many years.

How to pick the right SEO and brand building services?

Here are a few steps involved in the standard brand building procedure.You need to consider these while choosing an SEO pack –

Defining a brand

Make a checklist of all the core values of your brand. Have a great write-up is the basic for any brand building related SEO. You need to have an expert on your team who can tell you which keywords to include in your descriptions. You need to align your brand image with your content strategy and product marketing. While you need to keep your consumer interest in mind, you also need to think about marketing opportunities that will help you increase your conversion rates.

Website design and user journey

Google algorithm is all about user experience right now. Instead of worrying about bot actions, you need to think about your user interactions.

Including small but significant changes in a shorter payment pathway or an XML sitemap for easy crawling will make major differences in your CTR.

A website that is high on Google SRL always gains more attention and trust from potential customers. Customers rarely ever go to the second page of Google search results. They decide which site to visit for the relative rankings and the meta descriptions.

SEO for a strong brand image

You need a strong SEO team for a clean brand image. A smart company should have a functional website that users and bots can find and navigate. Keeping SEO a priority from your early website building days will keep digital marketing streamlined for your site and company. That is the icing on the cake for all site owners and entrepreneurs.

Always try to keep your website building, SEO and brand building in alliance with each other. If your marketing team asks you to choose between the two, pick another marketing team!