Six Ways to Safeguard Your Smart Phone

Nowadays, everybody is dependent on smartphones to email and work on other applications which they were previously using on laptops or PCs. The smartphones are everywhere and this is no longer used only for making phone calls. This is something in which we are saving our valuable information like contacts, bank details, photographs and other documents also.

You can log into various online payment gateways and do online banking with your smartphone. Your smartphone contains sensitive data for online banking sites, so it becomes imperative to take all the necessary measures to protect your smartphone.

Smartphones are small and that is why they are prone to theft. You can easily forget them in the restaurant where you had your lunch and somebody can steal it at the blink of your eye.

Prone to Thefts

Smartphones can easily be snatched from the user’s hand and you are more vulnerable to theft than you think. Your smartphone is your valuable asset and once a thief has a stolen the object of your pride. He can easily download the banking details and other financial details which are in the device. By pressing the reset button, he will delete all the data in it and can sell it also. Many times thief can do it by reinstalling the software.

You will be surprised to know that half of thefts in the USA involve mobile phones or devices. In London, more than 10,000 smartphones are stolen every month. Now this is clear that the smartphones are easy to steal and they can easily generate income for thieves who are involved in thefts.

Kill Switch

This is something by which you can shut down your system at once by a single command. There are two types of kill switches available in smartphones. A hard kill switch can permanently brick a phone whereas the soft alternative is to make the phone unusable for everyone except the real owner.

Protection of Your Smartphone

Do you know that more than 44% of thefts are because the smartphone owners cannot keep an eye on their mobile devices in public places? If you are using your mobile phone for saving valuable information, you are supposed to read LEO Privacy Guard Review and install it for maximum safety.

Secure Your Data

You can use a four-digit code to lock the screen of your phone. If you are not doing it, then you are dishing out your valuable information to anyone who gets it.

Install Tracking Software

This will help you locate your mobile device when it is lost or stolen. There are many applications which will give you an option to remotely lock your mobile device. You can also play an alarm sound even if it is on silent mode.

Don’t Save Your Login Details

If you are using banking websites from your mobile browser, then don’t save your login details. Insert the login details every time you use it.  It is good to use a privacy guard, read LEO Privacy Guard Review for more information.