The benefits of having in-ceiling speakers for your home theater

When looking to put surround sound in your home or “man cave” you have a lot of options to choose from. From typical all-in-one surround sound systems to sound bars there are a lot of different ways to get that complete theater experience.

Another way to get incredible sound that will make you never want to leave your living room is with in-celling speakers, like the speakers from Selby.

In-ceiling speakers provide great audio quality that is well concealed to provide an overall great entertainment experience.

With in-ceiling speakers a vacuum is present within the ceiling to provide a much higher quality of audio. That includes both the bass and treble effects.

There are also a lot of non-audio reasons why in-ceiling speakers are ideal:

For one they save space in the room, which means maintaining the aesthetics of the room. You also don’t have to deal with people potentially tripping on wires along with the room being full of holes if you do decide to take the speakers down.

By utilizing the ceiling and not the walls frees up a lot of different options for placement compared to a wall that may have windows, photos and decorative items already on them and in place. The ceiling, in contrast is free from all that potential clutter.

Before making your in-ceiling speaker purchase you should be aware of a variety of factors to consider. That includes:

  • Frequency. Frequency decides the depth and balance of sound that comes from the speakers. A speaker with maximum range typically provides the best audio quality.
  • Power. Power is another big factor when choosing the right in-ceiling speaker. The number the manufacturer provides tells you the maximum amount of power the receiver should get to ensure the speakers are working at its ideal capacity. With that information buyers can match the proper in-ceiling speakers with the receiver.
  • Sensitivity is another factor to consider when purchasing in-ceiling speakers. It is measured with dBs Speakers with higher sensitivity usually produce better quality sound then speakers with lower sensitivity. That is because it puts less strain and pressure on the receiver as well consumes less power.

As you can see there a lot of pros that come with in-ceiling speakers. Before though you purchase them make sure you research the above factors so you get the right speakers that provide the purest sound.

Happy listening!