Tips for IRCTC Train Booking

Trains are the most inexpensive modes of comfortable transport in India. There are occasions when we have a festival or a long vacation just around the corner. During this period, booking the train tickets can be a daunting task, and it would be a matter of seconds when the reservation chart flashes the “Waiting” status.

Booking your trip via an online portal can be the safest option for the best hotels and your preferred train. However since, the train booking redirects to the IRCTC train bookingURL, here are some crucial tips for that might come in handy –

  1. For Tatkal booking – For instant ticket booking, Tatkal quota is the best option. Make sure the quota is accessible at least a day or two before the date of travel. Moreover, travelers at times of urgency are always willing to pay the extra amount to get their hands on confirmed berths.
  2. How many credentials do you have? – During the booking, it is important to have more than one account forIRCTC train ticket booking. This is because you can allow the task of booking the tickets instantly and simultaneously if another user fails to do so. Parallel booking can save a lot of trouble and increases the probability of ticket confirmation. An important point to note while using more than one account is never to use the same credentials on various browsers. It is because the site detects such activity and can prohibit the access during that time.
  3. Use multiple browsers – Tatkal opens at 10am, and it is the time when there are thousands of users trying their heart out to get access to the site. Undoubtedly, due to the excess traffic, the site fails to respond at the time of Tatkal booking. Make sure that IRCTC site is opened on various browsers to avoid getting victimized of “Session Expiry.”
  4. Keep your bank details ready – There are chances that if you do not have the bank details handy while booking you may lose the Tatkal booking opportunity and the session times out. It happens many times that while booking through IRCTC train booking, you may have succeeded in filling the necessary details, but if you do not have access to your card details, then you may lose a chance to get the tatkal confirmation. Make sure these little factors do not affect your travel calendar. After the IRCTC session expires, you are forced to fill the entries all over again which is rather frustrating. So, it is important to not to keep the screen idle for more than 3 minutes and consider the pockets for debit/credit card credentials.
  5. AC bookings – There is an altogether different problem for people booking in the AC coaches. The first coach in AC to fill up is 3A. Rather hunting for a seat in 3A, try booking in 2nd AC as it would be somewhere near the budget and is comparatively easier. 2A fills in more time in comparison to 3A.
  6. Try different trains – Tatkal booking works best if you are simultaneously checking seat availability in different trains. This is possible if an entire group is at the disposal of booking theIRCTC train bookingin Tatkal Quota. If the train tickets are exhausted, it is a waste of time to continue booking on it.
  7. Keep it quick – It is essential to fill the entry quite fast as you may not have much time until the number of available tickets exhaust. So, assign the task to someone who is familiar with train booking on IRCTC. For a quick booking procedure, try an AutoFill tool available for use on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers about 30 minutes before Tatkal starts.

Follow these tips to maximize all the possibilities of bagging the confirmed tickets. Undoubtedly, these steps are highly preferable if you want a hassle-free booking procedure.