Top mistakes you should avoid while using spin bikes

The modern way of exercising and fitness training includes a wide range of machinery. A Spin bike is an affordable exercising source which has proven very helpful for people who do not have time to visit the gym. This machine can be placed in any house without any discomfort. Before using this machine, people must be well aware about its usage. There are several mistakes which most people do while using a spin bike. Let us analyse some of the key errors.

Proper Adjustment

The proper adjustment of an indoor cycling bike is very important for exact usage. These adjustments play a major role in offering comfort and effective results. The seat of the spin bike should be maintained as per the individual’s hip height where the pants are worn. One needs to use the hip as a reference point so as to acquire the right angle for moving the pedal. There is one more important point which should be kept in mind while adjusting the spin bike. The seat should be maintained at a fore position while riding. This will help the rider push power straight down. One can count it as a perfect adjustment for burning more calories and need not worry about any kind of stress on the body.

Handlebar Positioning

The user must always remember that, the handlebars should be higher than the seat position. This adjustment helps to create a relaxed position and prevent any kind of lower back issue. Also avoid holding the handle bars too tight. Relaxed arms and shoulder posture is the best for using a spin bike. The lower handlebar setting is tagged as an aggressive position as it causes back soreness. The seat and handlebar adjustments are counted as the main factors for an exact indoor cycling session.

Hip Position

Spin bikes can prove effective when you have gained the correct body posture to ride it. The rider needs to move their hips and emphasis on the hamstrings and quadriceps. Why should we isolate the position of the hips? Doing so would put a great amount of pressure on the joints and knees.

Check your RPM

If your instructor hasn’t told you, then always remember to stay under 120 RPM while riding a spin bike. An indoor cycling session should be restricted under 80-120 RPM. If the rider crosses 120 RPM, then there is great risk of damaging the pedals with your shoes. There are also chances of causing injury to the knee joints.

Controlled Resistance

The rider needs to adjust the resistance on the bike as per his/her convenience. No one can give a better idea about the resistance except you while riding. One must ride at their own pace and be focused. Always remember to avoid the stress on the pedal to a larger scale. It might land you in a situation where stopping the pedal rotation can become a problem for you. This would surely affect your knee joints and also the bike.

Use of Two Pedals

A spin bike has two pedals just like any other regular motion bike. What is the need to use two pedals on a stationary bike? One must not take a leg out and pedal with a single leg at a time. Cycling with one-leg push poses a threat of hitting their leg with the pedal as it comes from the back end. This is a very wrong practice which should be avoided. Moreover, it can also cause serious back injuries and posture disorders. Always place your both feet on the pedals and equally force them to create a movement. Also make sure to check the greasing of the pedals each time you start your exercising session.

Final Say

A spin bike has grown as popular exercising equipment for the modern man. It can be easily installed at home which makes it highly efficient. The above points should be kept in mind before your start your spin bike regime. The best way is to take the help of an instructor who can guide you well about the machine’s usage. You can even refer the internet for gaining access to the exact adjustment techniques.