Unisys’ Updated ClearPath MCP 17 OS Focuses On Security

It’s been almost a year since Unisys had a major release of ClearPath MCP. Today the company announced that the newest offering of its server operating environment, ClearPath MCP 17, is officially released and available.

When ClearPath MCP 16 was released in June 2014, it added functional improvements to existing features and also included three new software packages: Data Compression, Relational Database Server for ClearPath MCP, and the Software Inventory Assessment Utility. There was speculation about whether the next release would be focused on improving existing functionality, or whether there would be many new features added.

The newest release does expand many features and has enhanced software functionality in many ways; in fact, ClearPath MCP version 17 includes over 125 different software products. Improvements to the Relational Database Server for ClearPath MCP v17 include an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver for both Windows and Linux systems.

As with all ClearPath MCP releases, the advancements in security are an important part of the release. Improvements in release 17 help simplify the management of encryption keys for the users of the systems. The security in ClearPath MCP 17 is also significantly upgraded due to advancements in the underlying Security Center software, Locum Software’s RealTime Monitor.

So while it seems that overall feature improvements make this a good upgrade, there are also some exciting new features as well. One is a new software-based architecture based on the ClearPath fabric. The Connectivity Service product connects all software and services through this high-speed software based backbone, improving communication within the components of the system and extending high speed I/O to applications connecting into those services from Microsoft Windows environments.

This has been an up and down month for Unisys. Earlier in April, the company had some big news on the executive front with an announcement that Casey Coleman from the U.S. General Services Administration was coming in to lead the Federal Civilian Agency business at Unisys. That was followed by some exciting technology news, with an announcement of a new app that enables users to provision IT services on Microsoft Azure.

Unfortunately, there has also been plenty of bad news for Unisys this month, as the company’s Q1 earning for 2015 showed a net loss of $43 million and revealed a plan to restructure $300 million over the next several quarters.

Hopefully, ClearPath MCP 17 is ready for release and not being rushed to the marketplace ahead of the 2015 Annual Meeting of Stockholders taking place on April 30.


[Source:- Tomsitpro]